Breanna Fernie Real Estate Expert & Entrepreneur Extraordinaire!

Breanna Fernie portrait

Breanna Fernie embarked into the Vancouver real estate market after the stark realization that by paying rent, she was making her landlord richer and herself poorer. She was only 21 years old and her lifelong passion as a real estate investor had begun.

After a tenacious search for her first home, she landed on a small fixer upper in the Fairview area. The unit had incredible potential; the bones were great and the building in excellent condition. By overlooking the small cosmetic fixes needed, she prepared an aggressive offer and waited impatiently for an answer.

The answer came, the offer was accepted, and she went to work. With a simple face lift; a fresh coat of paint, new flooring and updated lighting- she turned the property into a dream home! She enjoyed it so much she then purchased another property in the same building and did her magic again! The rest is history……she was hooked!

This entrepreneur recognized early that real estate is the only investment of its kind available and she has spent the past 10 years perfecting her craft. As much as this would be considered a full time job for another individual Breanna also ran and operated 2 local Telecommunications Companies. As Owner/Operator of and Telrad International she spent her days running the businesses and her evenings and weekends buying, renovating and flipping homes.

With her diverse background in technology, communications, sales and marketing and negotiating, Breanna has learned through experience, what it takes to be a successful business owner. As an active real estate investor, designer, renovator, flipper, and even more….a skilled predictor of Vancouver’s hot market, Breanna has also learned what it takes to be a successful Wealth Builder.

With her two companies running themselves as truly turn key businesses she now has the time to lend her experience to others and take on real estate full time and not just as a hobby. She is determined to share her experience and knowledge to help others build their real estate investment portfolio. Your home is your largest asset and whether it is buying your first home, finding a dream property, seeking a fixer upper to transform or an investment property. She can help you in all aspects of your real estate pursuits and transactions.

Breanna believes that to succeed in business you must have a complete love for what you are doing, for life and an insatiable drive to get the job done. Real estate is her true passion. By offering wealth building solutions through her seminars and newsletters, Breanna is more than just a realtor; she is your partner in wealth.

She has sourced out the best mortgage brokers, renovators, contractors, designers and financial planners to help you create wealth in Vancouver’s hot and fast paced real estate market.

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