Breanna Fernie knows from experience that being successful in one area of your life, and ignoring another, is not the answer. That is why her Wealth Building Seminars are not only focused on the fundamentals of real estate investing, but how to balance your finances, your goals and keep you from getting trapped into long term setbacks.

In addition to Breanna Fernie, you will hear from some of Vancouver’s top financial strategists…showing you how to use your RRSP to expand your portfolio. Learn what the local market is doing now and even get some fantastic design tips on selling your home from the B.FREE Design Team!

Does it cost anything? Absolutely not! – The B.FREE belief is that by giving more you gain more.

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Learn how to find a diamond in the rough....
See what homes have hidden potential...
Turn your existing home into a buyers dream! 

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We guarantee that you will leave richer in more ways than one!

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